Deep Hydrating Facial Steamer


$49.95 USD $59.99 USD
Color: White

Deep Hydrating Facial Steamer Best Price!

The Deep Hydrating Facial Steamer is a necessary device which helps to repair, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

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1. Improve skin dryness. It is the physical hydration, non-allergic and safe. 

2. Soften stratum corneum and open pores, making it easy to clean the dirt. 

3. One-touch switch, helps you have smooth skin

4. Clear pores, prevents breakout

5. Make your other skincare treatments more effective

6. Modern anti-scald temperature control technology does not hurt your skin

7. After the water is used up, the chassis valve will automatically trip and cut off power, which makes it safer to use.

Color: white, pink

Weight: 400g


Notes: Use with face mask to get better effects. Ultra-fine nano-steam can quickly penetrate the mask to deeply moisturize the skin.