42 Pin Replacement Cartridges for Ultima A1-W (10pcs)

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42 Pin Replacement Cartridges for Ultima A1-W (10pcs)

Each unit contains 10 pieces of 42 needle cartridges compatible with Dr. Pen A1.

  • The needles are made of high quality material (stainless steel)
  • The 42 pin is suitable for applications such as skin hydration, spots removal; skin rejuvenation; pores minimisation.
  • Ensure not to reuse it. At any time, it should be used once.

*NOTE: Machine not included, image used for display purposes only

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    How does Dr Pen work?

    The needles create tiny micro-wounds on the surface of the skin. This leads the regenerative processes to stimulate that naturally take place in the skin, but decreases with age. This makes the production of collagen and elastin increase that causes the skin to regenerate and to become firmer, to reduce scars gradually and to smooth out wrinkles. The pen can be used multi-directionally so that any area of the face, neck, chest, stomach, thighs, hips, buttocks or scalp can be treated

    Advantages of using Dr Pen 

    • Short period of treatment
    • The accuracy of the treatment
    • Solid performance;
    • Both option of functioning in wired and wireless mode;
    • Automatically depth control of injection
    • Less hurt and more comfort for the patient;
    • Shorter recovery period

    How to Use

    • Cartridge is packaged in sterilization
    • Double-clean (clean one time and repeat) then clean the skin by wiping. Fully tie your hair back, away from your face and ears.
    • Practice in small places and apply serum to each area prior to needling. This makes sure that the pen does not drag or tug on the skin. The suggested pattern for moving the pen in order to get the better results is vertical, horizontal, and then diagonal in both directions. Repeat this motion over-region two times using gentle pressure and without dragging.

    Please note: Comprehensive directions are included with the product, providing diagrams and useful tips for achieving the best results. These directions are also available for download from our support desk at any time, and our professional customer service team is always willing to answer any questions from you.


    Please do not use on:

    • Open wounds
    • On acne or irritated skin. 
    • Or if there is any irritation occurs

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