Silicone Mask brush Kit


$11.99 USD

Silicone Mask brush Kit Best Value!

The Silicone Mask brush Kit includes 1x measuring cup, 1x mixing bowl, 1x mixing spatula, 1x silicone brush and 1x mask brush. The brush bristle is made of high-quality nylon wool which is soft to touch and gentle to the skin.

This kit includes everything you need to make the perfect facial mask, you can easily make a perfect and safe m.ask at home. Available in 4 colours- White, Orange, Pink, and Green.

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  • Enjoy the fun of DIY mask
  • This product can mix your mask quickly and easily
  • The mask bar feels good and does not hurt the skin. It is used for mixing and applying the mask
  • Two kinds of facial mask brushes can be used in categories, including silicone brush and hairbrush
  • A variety of uses from mixing facial masks to fixing air cavity gels, or applying hair dye to hair, suitable for facial masks, peels, essences, and other skin care products
  • The silicone brush is made of soft silicone, gentle and skin-friendly, especially use for clay mask
  • The bristle brush can do more job, it gets the facial mask into those nooks around the nose and eyes, and also use for a liquid mask. Apply evenly without damaging the skin
  • 2-in-1 Spoon and Measuring Cup: The measuring cup is both useful for taking out mixed powder and measuring a certain amount of liquid to easily making the ideal facial mask without waste
  • Easy to clean and quick dry: It's easy to clean, with just a little water your clean up will be done in no time, no worry about the bacteria breeding

Package Included:

1 x Mask Stick
1 x Mask Brush
1 x Silicone Brush
1 x Mask Mixing Bowl
1 x Measuring Cup