Quick Dry Wax Mist Trigger Spray Refill 10L


$119.99 USD

Top up with Quick Dry Wax Mist Trigger Spray Refill 10L!

Quick Dry Wax Mist Trigger Spray Refill 10L are designed to quickly touch-dry hard wax. Allows you to complete waxing treatments more quickly without the frustration of waiting for hard wax to dry or getting sticky hands or gloves. Excellent for humid conditions! Quick Dry Wax Mist adds a touch of luxury to your waxing treatment by reducing redness and cooling the skin. Top off the 10-liter refill bottles as needed. 


  • Instantly touch-dries hard waxes – no frustration!
  • No sticky hands or gloves = NO MESS
  • Ideally suited for use in hot and humid environments
  • Reduces redness and cools the skin

Application: Shake to Activate! Spray up to 2 times on hard wax once applied to the skin. Remove hard wax as normal.

Safety Note

  1. Keep away from Children.
  2. Everyone's skin is different, so if you're using a waxing product for the first time, try it on a small area first. If the skin feels uncomfortable, please stop using it immediately to avoid causing allergies and other symptoms.
  3. Do not use it on broken or irritated skin. If you are on medication that affects the skin or you have a skin related disorder consult your doctor before use


DELIVERY TIME for this particular item: Apx 5-12 days