Professional LED Light Skin Therapy Pod


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Professional LED Light Skin Therapy Pod is a kind of skin treatment based on medical theory. It uses LED light source combined with photosensitive cosmetics or drugs to treat various skin problems, such as acne, rosacea, redness, papules, lumps and pustules. In addition, LED photodynamic therapy (PDT), as a new cosmetic technology, has been frequently used in skin care. Photon energy has a positive effect on skin cells. It accelerates cell growth, improves collagen and elasticity generation, promotes micro-blood circulation, and improves overall skin conditions.

    PDT Light Therapy works similarly to the process of photosynthesis in plants, using light energy to stimulate the body’s regenerative metabolic processes at a cellular level. PDT Light Therapy works to nourish cells and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, making it an ideal treatment for anti-aging and skin renewal.


    1. Improve skin aging and relaxation, coarse pores, fine wrinkles and other symptoms.

    2. Improve pigment lesions, such as freckles, sunburn and senile plaque.

    3. Improve dark skin color caused by poor metabolism or poor blood circulation.

    4. Repair and care of damaged skin.

    5. Effective detumescence, inflammation and scar removal treatment for oily acne.

    6. Strengthen skin, increase calcium absorption and slow down skin oxidation. Suitable for people: lack of sun exposure, long-term indoor activities

    How does PDT light work? 

    Seven kinds of light functions:


    Blue light: wavelength 423nm
    Blue blue light: wavelength 490nm
    Green light: wavelength 523nm
    Yellow light: wavelength 583nm
    Red light: wavelength 640nm
    Purple light: wavelength 690nm
    Calcium light: wavelength 510nm

    HOW TO USE: 

    Step 1: Cleanse your skin to remove all traces of makeup and lotions from the skin.

    Step 2: Set the PDT Light Therapy Device to your preferred wavelength, using the instruction manual provided. To select other colours, press the yellow button. 

    Step 3: Put on the protective eye goggles.

    Step 4: Lay down flat on your back in a comfortable position.

    Step 5: Position the PDT Light Therapy Device over your face so that it covers your entire face and relaxes for the duration of your selected treatment (between 15-30 minutes). 


    • Technology: PDT, LED
    • Type: HA-09. Voltage: 110-240V
    • Output power: 48W. Output voltage: 24V-4A
    • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    • Weight: 3.5kg. Packing size: 38*14.5*26cm
    • Keywords: LED lamp
    • Function: Skin Rejuvenation
    • Lighting mode: 7 kinds. Light quantity:100
    • Assembly will be required

    What’s Included:

    1 x LED Light Skin Therapy Pod

    Warranty: 12 months


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