Premium Lejong Control C1 Cushion


$65.99 USD

Premium Lejong Control C1 Cushion

With Premium Lejong Control C1 Cushion, your skin will feel nourished and hydrated even when you are wearing makeup. This amazing product adds a natural color to your skin while allowing your skin to breathe properly. It has a light texture and strong coverage. Up until you take it off at the end of the day, it doesn't cake up, become greasy, or oxidize.

Giving your skin complete protection from redness, open pores, and blemishes. It brightens your skin and gives it a completely natural skin tone. Additionally, it contains all-natural ingredients that provide your skin with tons of deep penetrating hydration, including licorice root, centella, bambusa water, and anise extracts.
Don't just cover but fix up your flaws.

About this item

  • Presence of Anise extract in it aids your skin to block off intruders successfully. Centella protects and heals your skin with Allantoin to boost moisture. Wear your protection with confidence.
  • Effect: This product covers skin defects with colors that naturally fit all skin tones, and produces clear inward-looking skin. Its light and smooth texture keeps your skin comfortable, looking healthy, and moisturized all day without breaking down or darkening.
  • Unique Feature of this cushion- Available in 1 shade for all skin tones (Upon application and settled on skin, the color will auto adjust to your skin tone).
  • Never Cakes Up. Never Oxidises. Never Colour Transfers.
  • Suitable for shade 21/23 users.

How to use

Pick up the content using the cushion puff or a makeup sponge and gently dap on the skin to apply evenly.
Tip: Put a small amount of the content and pat around the nose and mouth for a longer time.

Package contents

1 Lejong Cushion + 1 Refill