Portable Laser Hair Remover


$165.95 USD

The Portable Laser Hair Remover device is the most recent in laser hair removal technology and will permanently remove hair. This laser hair remover is a new-generation hair remover designed for home use, with a design based on advanced scientific research. The laser hair remover's 808nm wave is used in salons all over the world to permanently remove unwanted hair. In studies conducted by universities and institutes around the world, this laser technology has been shown to be 95% effective. Even when the laser hair remover is not aimed directly at the hair, it is permanently removed because the 808nm laser wave easily penetrates the various epidermal layers to reach and destroy the hair root.


  1. Easy to use semi-conductor laser system
  2. Includes security keys for safe and easy home use.
  3. Laser emission time and laser intensity are both adjustable.
  4. Slim and portable design, convenient for case or handbag when travelling
  5. Suitable for use on most parts of the body
  6. An easier, more effective way to remove hair than other existing methods.
  7. Safe, reliable treatment that will not work on dark skin or dark patches.
  8. Permanent hair removal and reduction of hair volume and this item wont work on dark skin.
  9. Your skin will feel softer - because the pores close up after treatment.
  10. Only a few sessions of 3 to 5 applications are required to achieve permanent hair removal

Packing includes:

1 x  Portable laser hair removal device
1 x  Security key
1 x 220V adapter (AU)

1 x  User manual (English)


DELIVERY TIME for this particular item: Apx 6-15 days

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