Doe Foot Lip Brush Applicator (50pcs/pack)


$6.99 USD

Doe Foot Lip Brush Applicator (50pcs/pack) Best Price!

Doe Foot Lip Brush Applicator makes the lip gloss application a breeze and maintains the product in a sanitary condition. The slanted lip gloss applicator tip will make contact with the lip area for a smooth application. Insert a new lip gloss applicator directly into the lip gloss tube and apply gloss to the lip. The lip gloss applicator is disposed of after each use so the integrity of the makeup product can be maintained throughout use among different clients.

Disposable, hygienic, high-quality material for applying liquid and creamy products.

A must in every makeup/eyelash/PMU artist kit to keep makeup hygienic and to avoid cross-contamination between clients.

Color: Black

Quantity: 50 pieces/ pack

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