LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask


$55.99 USD $99.00 USD

The LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask has 7 colours of light, which has different wave length for light treatment for different skin problems. This product is a good skincare device for solving skin problems, such as yellow and dark skin, acne, large pores, loose skin, etc. 

  • Battery capacity:200 mAh
  • Charging time: 90 mins
  • Working time: 90 - 100 mins


The effect will be better if used with a high-quality moisturizing skin care product.

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The Package Includes:

1x Beauty Mask

1x USB cable

1x Instruction manual

The 7 different light wavelengths and their functions:
  1. Red (640nm): Remove acne and inhibit bacteria
  2. Blue (415nm): Deep repair and increase skin elasticity
  3. Orange (590nm): Improve wrinkle and enhance immunity
  4. Green (532nm): Lighten spots and calming skin
  5. Purple: Improve fine lines
  6. Light Blue: Control oil


  • One key to select photon beauty mode 
  • Medical silicone nose rest as soft as skin
  • Rechargeable battery.