Lash & Skin Cleansing Brush


$2.99 USD
Color: White

Lash & Skin Cleansing Brush Best Seller!

The Lash & Skin Cleansing Brush is lint-free and designed for deep cleansing eyelashes and targeted facial areas. Pair it with our Foaming Lash Cleanser to prep the client's lashes for Eyelash Extensions. The brush is extra soft and gentle on the eyes with the ability to deep cleanse the lashes and remove any access makeup, oils, and protein buildups on natural lashes. Clean eyelashes prolong the retention of eyelash extensions glue so it is absolutely essential to ensure that your cleansing step is on point! It can also be used to perform facials before BB Glow & Microneedling treatments, cleansing the pores and blackheads.

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