Sarah Handmade Press-on Trendy False Nails Charm


$27.99 USD

Shine And Dine, Perfect Nails Every Time! Saving time & power & money with our Handmade Press-on Trendy False Nails Charm collection. Are you ready?


  • No color fading, no powder drop, good gloss.
  • Safety, they can be repeated use, easy to use and save time.
  • Press on nail come with all you need manicure tools to get you nails looking fabulous.
  • The nail patches is of good quality, ultra-thin and durable, and is not easy to break.
  • Variety styles, suitable for all your occasions.
  • Excellent price and high-cost performance. Save money and time with our false nail.

Instructions Nail size selection:

  • Generally select XS size for small nails S size and M size for normal fingers, and L size for large nails. If you want a standard point please measure it according to the method we provide. Size should not be small.
  • For example: the measurement is 11.5mm then choose 12mm

How to use:

  • Lightly polish with a nail file to remove grease
  • Clean the nail
  • Selection of suitable jelly gel
  • Selection of suitable nails
  • With numbers outward, root fit downward press for 10 seconds until firm
  • Sanding edge

How to remove the nail patches?

The glue type can wait for a long time to let it fall off on its own. Frequent immersion in hot water can accelerate the fall off. The quickest way to remove it is to use a glue remover or nail remover: apply a few laps around the perimeter of the nail piece, let the liquid penetrate into the nail piece, and then gently peel it off.

The package includes:

10 pcs * handmade false Press on nails
1 * glue sticker sheet
1 * mini nail file
1 * wooden stick
1 * cleaning paper



Delivery time for this particular: Apx 5-14 business days