EZ Pen Type Machine Cover (200 pcs)


$7.99 USD

EZ Pen Type Machine Cover (200 pcs) Must Buy!

EZ Pen Type Machine Cover (200 pcs) fits all Type of Tattoo Pen Machines

Size: 2″ x 6.4″ (52mm x 160mm)

Protects Machine, Client & Artist

Made by EZ Tattoo

Color: Blue

Box of 200 Covers

Weight: 0.1kg

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  • 200pcs Disposable bags for tattoo machine.
  • Practical, hygienic and helpful.
  • Effectively reduce the noise when the machine is working.
  • Clear blue bags, you can see the operation of the coil machine, easy to adjust it.
  • It can effectively prevent the ink and other dirty things from splashing on the tattoo machine to ensure the cleanness of the machine.

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