Disposable Micro Brushes


$5.99 USD

Disposable Micro Brushes Best Quality!

The Disposable Micro Brushes are 10cm/4 inch in length and the brush head diameter is 2mm, perfect for detailed and targeted product application. It is made of sterile, high-quality plastic and fiber. It is also durable and light weight, specifically designed with a non-drip tip, which can be bendable into any angle, ideal for beauty and health care use. Each unit comes in a sturdy transparent canister containing 100 brushes.

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  • Each touch up paint applicator features a super fine 2mm tip that can be easily bent to any desired angle for those hard to reach areas
  • No mess: head brushes are designed with lint-free, non-drip, non-absorbent fibers to reduce mess and waste
  • Easy to use and storee: The specially designed container doubles as a microbrush dispenser, a flap at the end opens, and the touch up paint sticks can be dispensed one at a time
  • Variety of uses: Great for beauty and health care use