Disposable Mascara Wands Spoolies (50pcs/pack)


$5.99 USD

Disposable Mascara Wands / Spoolies (50pcs/pack) Best Value!

The Disposable Mascara Wands/ Spoolies are used for brushing brow hairs or eyelashes into place, or moving brow hairs aside to view micro-bladed hair strokes. The brush heads on these can be bent slightly as needed. Each unit contains 50 pieces of wands. 

  • Whole length: 10 cm
  • Brush/head length: 2.6 cm 


  • 50 PCS and Black plastic handle.
  • Soft fiber hair easy to brush eyelashes.
  • Flexible head give you multi angle to brush eyelash.
  • Durable and can be washed repeatedly.
  • Screw-type head of this makeup tool is easy to roll eyelash and comb eyebrow that make the roots of lashes more clear and natural.

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