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ACHO Mineral Set New Arrival

ACHO Mineral Set, a 7-piece set of minerals enriched with clay and 21 potent minerals, purifies, revitalizes, and aids in muscle relaxation. Your skin looks refreshed and supple afterward.

About this item

  • Dead Sea Mud Soap
    The Dead Sea Mud Soap is featured by absorbing excess fat from the skin and body and eliminating harmful bacteria and fungi that live and feed on dead skin cells.
    It contains natural glycerin that helps maintain skin moisture, protects it from dryness, and turns it into fresh, shiny skin.
  • Dead Sea Salt Soap
    The Dead Sea Salts Soap enjoys a unique formula that removes bacteria and dirt from the skin, resulting from exposure to various environmental factors. In addition, it contains more than 35 essential minerals from the Dead Sea.
  • Dead Sea Scrub Soap
    It is a soap block in skin cleansing and peeling for its unique formula. Indeed, it contains a range of natural elements that clean and nourishes the skin; most importantly, granules of walnut husks are ground to suit the skin and avoid injuring or causing harm to it. These granules treat clogged pores and are used for light skin peeling to make way for a new layer. This formula also contains glycerine which moistures the skin and restores brightness and vitality.
  • Dead Sea Salts
    The Dead Sea is the lowest in the world, nearly 1300 feet below sea level. Located in the desert and linked to the Jordan River and a range of mineral springs, it is a suitable place for natural sediments. As a result, its soil is rich in minerals and salts, making it the most well-known sea. The Dead Sea's great fame is due to its richness of the salts used for both therapeutic.
  • Dead Sea Mud
    Dead Sea Mud contains several minerals: magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulphate, iodine, iron, strontium, and boron.
    Such a feature gives this mud a therapeutic advantage in treating many skin diseases. Given its many benefits, many medical centers and resorts worldwide luxuriate its qualities.
  • Face Cream
    A refreshing day cream utilises Dead Sea minerals, Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E, and active sunscreen agents to provide your skin with an enhancing balance of moisture and nourishment, helping to prevent premature skin damage from harmful UVA and UVB sun exposure. Promotes a more youthful and revitalised complexion.
  • Hand Cream
    Superb luxury hand cream is designed with the ultimate combination of practical components: Vegetal Collagen, Vitamin E, and Pro-Vitamin B5, along with natural plant extracts that help retain the skin's elasticity - enriched with Dead Sea Minerals to boost and soothe tired hands to repair blemishes, promoting cellular renewal and collagen compensation - enhanced with UV filters to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. It leaves your hand soft and youthful.

How to use

Mineral Soap and Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask
Wash your face with Rivage mineral soap and apply an equal layer of mud mask to your skin and neck using a special face brush or using fingertips, taking care to avoid spreading the mud on the sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth. Leave the mask for 25-30 minutes, then rub the dry clay using the fingertips in a circular motion to exfoliate the skin, then wash the face and neck with warm water to remove the remaining mud.
This product can be used twice a week.
Dead Sea Bath salts
Add Dead Sea salts to a bathtub filled with warm water (about 37 ° C), relax in it for 15-20 minutes, then wash the body gently with warm water.

Package contents

1 box x 7pcs